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Workshop on vehicle authorisation under the 4th Railway Package

Workshop on vehicle authorisation under the 4th Railway Package

12 Jul 2022

Location: Valenciennes


12th July 2022, 9h30 to 18h, ERA premises in Valenciennes


The EU Agency for Railways has the pleasure to announce the next workshop on vehicle authorisation under the 4th Railway Package, focused on the clarification notes issued by the Agency since June 2019.

The workshop cover the clarification notes issued by the EU Agency for Railways, in its role of authorising entity, since the entry into force of the 4th Railway Package. The clarification notes in the scope of the workshop, available at the Agency website (, are:

  • ERA1209/001 Clarification about points 18.4 and 18.5 of Annex I of Regulation 2018/545
  • ERA1209/003 Clarification about responsibilities for populating ERADIS
  • ERA1209/036 Clarification about applicability of phase A in LOCPAS and WAG TSI for extension of the area of use
  • ERA1209/037 Clarification about the case to apply for changes (not extension) in the area of use
  • ERA1209/047 Clarification note about recognition of vehicle authorisations issued by the Federal Office of Transport of Switzerland
  • ERA1209/066 Clarification on the need to update ERATV if design examination certificates are updated
  • ERA1209/069 Clarification about changes in already authorised RIV-RIC vehicles
  • ERA1209/070 Clarification on waiving temporary restrictions and CfU
  • ERA1209/099 Clarification about applicability of clause 7.1.4 of LOCPAS TSI to special vehicles such as On Track Machines
  • ERA1209/100 Clarification about extension of the area of already authorised vehicles
  • ERA1209/115 Clarification about TSI non-compliances and conditions for use
  • ERA1209/132 Clarification about compilation of versions
  • ERA1209/140 Clarification about content of EC declarations
  • ERA1209/143 Clarification about ESC-RSC
  • ERA1209/146 Clarification about requirements capture

You will receive the invitation to the workshop and the procedure to register through the representative body you belong to.