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Lessons learned from 10 years of using the CSM for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSMRA)

Lessons learned from 10 years of using the CSM for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSMRA)

28 Apr 2021

Location: Online

External Event/ERA Presenter


28/04/2021 13h00 – 14h45 (Paris time)


The Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSMRA) is a European harmonised Regulation (Regulation 402/2013). It first became law in July 2010 for the assessment of technical changes to the railway system. The scope was then extended in 2012 to also include operational and organisational changes. This regulation applies to the UK (though COTIF*) and all EU member states. It is used as a common method for capturing, assessing, controlling and accepting risks arising from changes that can affect adversely the safety on the European Railways. In the 10 years since it was introduced use of the CSMRA has raised a number of issues.

On the 28th April 2021 the Safety & Reliability Society (SaRS) presented a webinar on the lessons learned from 10 years of using the CSMRA. The webinar was presented by Dragan Jovicic, Safety and Operations Unit Project Officer at the European Rail Agency, Ivan Lucic, Eastern Region Systems Engineer and Chair of Safety Review Panel, Infrastructure Projects at Network Rail and Pete Gracey, Head of Interoperability and Rail Vehicle Engineering at the ORR.

This was followed by a further extended Q&A/panel session on the 18th May 2021 which also included Carolyn Salmon, Assessment Body Lead, Ricardo Certification to provide the additional perspective from an Assessment Body (AsBo).

Here is the recording of the 28th April 2021 webinar (you can find Dragan's presentations between 4:35->16:33 and 51:00->1:16:00):

Here is the recording to the 18th May 2021 Q&A/panel session:

Here is a link to a document gathering all the questions that were raised during the webinar and their formal answers.

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