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Free webinar: Towards A Harmonised European Rail Pass

Free webinar: Towards A Harmonised European Rail Pass

16 Sep 2021

Location: Online

ERA: Josef Doppelbauer; Stefan Jugelt | ALLRAIL: Nick Brooks | EPF: Delphine Grandsart | CER: Yann Seimandi


16/09/2021, 16PM – 17PM (CEST) – (download iCal)


Have you ever tried to buy a single train ticket to travel across different European countries? Probably not. And even if you did, you would have realised that it’s much easier to book a flight between two European capital cities than the same trip with a train. It’s a pity, when you know that 8 billion passengers are using the train per year in Europe. This is 8 times more than air passengers!

Why is that? Is a European wide train ticketing possible? What are the constraints, when, in the meantime, the European Green Pass has been issued in record time to face the Covid-19 context? These questions, and many more, will be addressed during this free ERA webinar. Join us if you’re interested in understanding how the EU is now moving towards a real harmonised railway ticketing, the European Rail Pass.

How to participate

You will be able to participate by selecting the link ‘Join the webinar’ below (no registration needed). The link will be active a few minutes before the start of the webinar broadcast. If you encounter difficulties to access the webinar, copy the link (URL) in another browser e.g. Chrome. You may ask questions using the Q&A function. The webinar will be recorded and made available on our YouTube Channel after the broadcasting.

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