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#ERTMS / CCRCC – The ERTMS conference

#ERTMS / CCRCC – The ERTMS conference

15-17 Oct 2019

Location: Valenciennes

Participants: EU rail stakeholders, EU and national politicians, signalling experts, IT experts

European Union Agency for Railways (ERA)

at Valenciennes

15/10/2019, 14h00 – 18h30
16/10/2019, 09h00 – 18h50
17/10/2019, 09h00 – 16h30

Following the successful events in 2015 and 2017, it is our pleasure to announce the #ERTMS2019 conference held from 15-17 October in Valenciennes.

After having reached system maturity with stable specifications, ERTMS roll out has been intensified under the European Commission's action plan. With the entry into force of the Fourth Railway package, digitalisation and the advent of big data, the rail sector is facing new challenges, which will be addressed at the conference.

Identifying common ground among Europe's leading ERTMS experts - from the European Commission, the railway sector, vendors, users, and the ERA - shall ensure a smooth transition from the status quo into the digital future.

In order to get participants more involved and to foster dialogue among the community we have added one conference day, in which workshops will be held that will feed into the conference sessions on days two and three. In session one there will be 6 workshops in parallel and in session two 5 of them will be repeated. This arrangement will give you the flexibility to attend 2 workshops covering different topics.  

The conference topics will be:

  • ERTMS deployment > what can be expected for the TSI CCS 2022/2023 release?
  • Vehicle Upgrade and vehicle authorisation topics > experience and challenges from current projects.
  • ERTMS regulatory and funding framework > status quo, first experience and outlook
  • Communication > future railway mobile communication system (FRMCS) and GSM-R migration
  • Future transport system – Rail and CCS evolution > digitalisation and big data shaping the future rail system

This conference is made for you! For any further questions, please contact the conference team here.