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ERADIS - EC Declarations

There is an access to the Contact Us form within each FAQ item. As we are currently experiencing a large number of requests, you are strongly recommended to read the FAQs of your subject matter or to search the website for your inquiry before contacting us. 

In order to submit EC Declarations in ERADIS, you need to have a user account.  To that end, you have to fill in the form of the Request User Account in ERADIS by providing all the requested information and specifying which documents you need to submit.

Please provide your professional email address and select only the documents, which are relevant for submission by your organisation.

You will be provided with all relevant information to the submission of documents after having an ERADIS account.

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You can check if the document is already published by searching in the ERADIS homepage (see below). You may search for it by ID, EIN, company name, etc.


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First of all, please check if the document has already been published by searching in ERADIS homepage.

Documents in ERADIS are published according to the order in which they have been submitted.

If for any reason, it is expected that your documents need to be published urgently, please prepare them well in advance to give us a due time for document review and publication.

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If you cannot log into ERADIS it means that you need to reset your password. Please visit the ERA web page   and follow the link “Forgot Your Password?” to reset your password.

Please try to put something as complex as this one: TiVstrongpass123+ Your username name has been sent to you with all account’s details at the end of the registration process. Please do not use your email address as a username because ERADIS will not accept it.

Instead of copy/paste your credentials please type them carefully.

For all OSS user accounts, you have to reset your ERADIS password via this link.

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In case of submission for publication of an incomplete document you will get the list of all missing data. In this case, you will have to provide data for all missing fields.

Every time a new document is successfully submitted for publication you will receive a notification that you have submitted document for publication.

An additional notification will inform you that your document is published by the Agency.

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The “National Registration Number” refers to the Registration Number, which has been given to your organization by the Chamber of Commerce. This number will be used to generate the ID of your declarations.

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To generate in ERADIS the document’s ID you have to provide all details about the Applicant Organisation (Section “1. Document owner/holder”) and the date of issue (Section “5 Validity”). The system generates the ID of the document by pressing in ERADIS “Generate” button in a “semi-automatic” way. Once the button is clicked you will get part of the ID (i.e. NL/00000030134311/2019/).

After the last slash “/” you have to provide manually your individual number in the format XXXXXX corresponding to the counter- as defined in the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/250 of 12 February 2019, Annex VII.

The counter shall be a progressive number incremented by one unit each time a declaration is issued. Every year the counter restarts from zero. The counter shall be related to the issuing body.

The above code is generated on the basis of the country code of your organization (e.g. NL), the Applicant/manufacturer National Registration No (e.g. 30134311) complemented with zeroes on the left (e.g. 00000030134311), followed by the year of declaration (e.g. 2019) and, what already mentioned - your number in the format XXXXXX (000001) At the end, it will result in the full document ID (e.g. NL/00000030134311/2019/000001).

Important note: All dates in ERADIS shall be provided in the following date format: “dd/mm/yyyy”. ERADIS will not accept the following dates in a “” format (e.g. 26.12.2016) only the “dd/mm/yyyy” (e.g. 26/12/2016).

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When a declaration is rejected it means that it contains some errors, which have to be corrected by the user who submitted it. To that end, a notification is sent to the user highlighting the missing or incorrect data. After the corrections are made, the user has to resubmit the declaration to be published by ERA administrators.

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Yes, there is and you can find it on the top right corner of ERADIS page under “Help” (please see screenshot below).


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You can contact the ERADIS team by sending your email in ERADIS.

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