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Staff and recruitment process

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ERA offers a wide range of jobs for talented and qualified candidates, including competitive remuneration conditions, attractive learning & development opportunities along with a dynamic multi-cultural work environment.

What type of position do we offer?

ERA is staffed mainly by Temporary and Contract Agents recruited through mobility between EU Agencies and external selection procedures.

In addition, ERA operates a traineeship programme for recent graduates and offers the opportunity for staff from other European public-sector bodies to work at ERA for a period of time through its national expert on secondment programme.

ERA does not use recruitment agencies for the short-term placement of interim staff.

ERA does not consider unsolicited/spontaneous applications whether received by post, email or fax. Therefore, applicants will receive a standard reply informing them that only applications for published calls for applications/expression of interest can be taken into consideration.

Job opportunities at ERA are open to nationals of the 27 European Union Members States as well as nationals from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.

The working and contractual conditions of ERA staff are stipulated in the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union (CEOS) and their accompanying implementing rules.

Temporary Agents

Temporary Agent contracts are generally offered for a maximum of 4 years with the possibility of a renewal for another definite period of maximum 2 years. Any further renewal is for an indefinite period. Temporary Agents serve a probationary period of nine months.

At recruitment, Temporary Agent posts are classified according to the nature and importance of the duties involved as and stipulated in the Call for Applications:

  • Administrator function group (AD): covers 10 grades from AD5 to AD14 corresponding to technical, administrative, advisory, linguistic and scientific duties
  • Assistant unction group (AST): covers 4 grades from AST1 to AST4 corresponding to executive, technical and clerical duties.

There is a basic salary scale for each grade, divided into a number of steps.

Contract Agents

Contract Agent contracts are generally offered for a fixed period of at least three months and not more than five years.

A Contract Agent whose contract is concluded for a duration of at least one year shall serve a probationary period for the first six months of his period of employment if s/he is in function group I and the first nine months if s/he is in any other function group.

The contracts of contract staff may be renewed not more than once for a fixed period of not more than five years. The initial contract and the first renewal must be of a total duration of not less than six months for function group I and not less than nine months for the other function groups. Any further renewal shall be for an indefinite period.

Contract staff in function group IV shall before renewal of a contract for an indefinite period be required to demonstrate the ability to work in a third language among those referred to in Article 55(1) of the Treaty on European Union.

Contract Agent positions are classified in four function groups according to the duties and responsibilities involved, to be performed under the supervision of a Temporary Agent:

  • Function group I covers three grades corresponding to manual and administrative support service tasks
  • Function group II covers four grades corresponding to clerical and secretarial tasks, office management and other equivalent tasks
  • Function group III covers five grades corresponding to executive tasks, drafting, accountancy and other equivalent technical tasks
  • Function group IV covers six grades corresponding to administrative, advisory, linguistic and equivalent technical tasks.

The grade is established according to the years of professional experience at recruitment.

There is a basic salary scale for each grade, divided into a number of steps.

How do we recruit?

ERA conducts robust and fair selection procedures in order to recruit the best available candidates. ERA publishes the calls for applications for Temporary Agents and Contract Agents on its website.

ERA recruits Temporary and Contract Agents mainly through its own selection and recruitment processes, which are independent and separate from other European Union (EU) institutions and agencies.

A selection committee will review all valid applications against the criteria defined in the call for applications. This selection committee will select the most suitable applicants in an objective, impartial and transparent manner and will invite them for a selection procedure (consisting of an interview and (usually) a written test (mostly in English) in the area of expertise required for the specific profile. An additional assessment may be organised if stipulated in the call for applications.

Publication of the names of the Selection Committee members

In a spirit of transparency, the names of Selection Committee members and their roles in the Selection Committee are made available to the public and remain available until the relevant selection procedure is closed.

Even though the names are public, it is forbidden for candidates to make any direct or indirect contact with the members of the Selection Committee, or for anyone do to do so on their behalf. The Authority Authorised to Conclude Contracts (hereinafter AACC) reserves the right to disqualify any candidates who disregards this instruction.

The composition of the Selection Committee is referenced within the call for applications.

Interview, written test and additional assessment

ERA conducts its selection procedures in English, but the knowledge of other languages may also be tested. Native English speakers must prove their ability to work in a second EU language.

Reserve lists

If stipulated in the call for applications, the selection committee will establish a reserve list with successful candidates who have successfully passed the selection procedure. ERA may offer the advertised job to one or more candidates while the reserve list is valid. ERA may also use the valid reserve list to recruit successful candidates for a similar post if one becomes available.

ERA may extend the validity of the list, based on its needs. It will inform successful candidates on the reserve list accordingly.

Being on the reserve list does not guarantee a job offer or imply any entitlement to employment at ERA. No action is required on your part unless ERA contacts you.

The selection procedure may take up to six months from the closing date for applications to the approval of the reserve list and/or the appointment of a successful candidate.

Before ERA makes a firm job offer to a successful candidate, he/she needs to undergo a medical check-up to ensure s/he meets the standard of physical fitness required.

Applicants can request a review within ten days of notification of the decision. They may also submit an appeal within three months. Like all citizens of the EU, applicants can also make a complaint to the European Ombudsman.

Reimbursement of travel expenses

ERA provides a flat-rate contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses.

The rate is based on linear distance in kilometers between the place of the candidate’s residence or the place of current employment and the place where the selection procedure or the medical examination (Luxembourg) takes place.

All candidates who attend an interview/written test and have their place or residence or employment more than 200 kilometers away from Valenciennes, receive a contribution towards their travel and accommodation expenses.

The candidates are invited to fill in the contribution form in order to claim reimbursement, and to return the form, duly filled in and signed, to us by e-mail. All contributions will be processed according to the Agency’s rules.