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Resources and Support  

The Resources and Support Unit carries out transverse activities supporting the Executive Director and operational units in their daily work.

This includes ensuring sound budgetary and financial management, providing services which promote a work environment characterised by fair treatment of staff, open communication, trust, mutual respect and offering safe and modern working conditions.


 The Resources and Support Unit in brief



by enabling ERA to perform and continuously improve whilst caring for staff well-being.

The Finance and Procurement Sector provides support to the Agency operational activities, in particular with regard to financial operations, accounting and procurement procedures ensuring legality and timeliness of operations.

The Human Resources (HR) sector aim at providing support in recruiting sufficient number of appropriately skilled staff for carrying out Agency activities.

The HR sector facilitates onboarding and continuous improvement of professional and personal development of staff and consequently to the achievement of ERA goals.

All activities carried out by the Agency require the use and the exploitation of adequate premises and ICT resources in line with the business strategy and priorities.

The ITFM Sector aims at satisfying the business requirement for ICT and logistics into service offerings and the development of strategies to deliver these services in a transparent and effective manner.



  • Salvatore Ricotta
    Head of Resources and Support Unit
    +33 327 096 500
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