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Corporate Management and Evaluation  
The mission of the Unit is to contribute to the functioning of the Agency in the following areas:
  • General support to the Executive Director to ensure the smooth operation of the Agency in cooperation with operational units
  • Administration of the Management Team meetings
  • Communication: set-up and implement agency’s internal and external information and communication plans/strategies; coordinate agency’s communication activities (seminars, conference, media events etc)
  • Data Protection: ensure compliance with relevant provisions
  • Ethics: support and advice to all staff
  • Economic Evaluation:
    • carry out regulatory fitness checks for the 4 strategic activities within the ERA multi-annual work programme including the development and monitoring of railway indicators;
    • support to the operational units in the early assessment of projects and in the ex-ante impact assessment of recommendations and technical opinions
  • Quality, Internal control, risk management and audits: carry out and efficient management of the tasks related to the Total Quality Management (TQM) system within the Agency and providing assurance and support to the Executive Director of the Agency
  • Legal: contribute to ensuring the compliance of the Agency’s acts and actions with the applicable legal framework in order to avoid or minimize legal risks and to intervene in case of claims and proceedings before courts and other public authorities. It provides legal and administrative support (Secretariat) to the Administrative Board and its Subcommittee
  • Strategy and business planning: carry out the tasks related to the preparation of the strategy, business planning, implementing and reporting activities of the Agency
  • Legal and Administrative support (Secretariat) to Administrative Board and its Subcommittee.



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