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Technical specifications for interoperability  

Technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs) mean the specifications by which each subsystem or part of subsystem is covered in order to meet the essential requirements and to ensure the interoperability of the European Community's high speed and conventional rail systems. The development of TSIs is one of the basic tasks of the Agency.

The Agency performs the revision of existing TSIs, keeps them up to date, and supports the sector in their application by issuing application guides and by dissemination and training actions. When necessary, the Agency may also draft new TSIs, based on a manate from the Commission.Links to all TSIs including their accompanying documents and previous versions are to be found on the right hand side of this page. An overview of the chronology of all TSIs (including the repealed ones) with respective links is given in the chronology table.
In Eur-Lex, for a given document, the tab "Document Information" contains all its related
For drafting and revising TSIs, the Interoperability Unit works in close collaboration with experts from European Representative Bodies of the Railway sector (RBs), the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF) and National Safety Authorities (NSAs).Further information may be found under the following links:


 Rolling Stock TSIs


 Fixed installations TSIs


 Common TSIs


 Functional TSIs


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