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Register of Infrastructure (RINF)  
The European Register of Infrastructure refers to Article 49 of Directive (EU) 2016/797 and provides for transparency concerning the main features of the European Railway infrastructure. The common technical specifications are set out in a Commission Implementing Decision (RINF Decision).
The most recent RINF Decision (Decision 2014/880/EU from 26 November 2014) repeals the previous Decision 2011/633/EU and introduces a computerised common user interface (CUI) which simplifies queries of infrastructure data. This interface, set up and managed by the Agency, is publically available.
Furthermore the RINF Decision obliges each Member State to nominate an entity (NRE) in charge of setting up and maintaining its register of infrastructure and to notify an implementation plan.
A guide on the application of the common specifications for the Register of Infrastructure as well as regular user meetings organized by the Agency help NREs and infrastructure managers involved to implement the Decision.
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