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European Centralised Virtual Vehicle Register (ECVVR)  

The European Centralised Virtual Vehicle Register (ECVVR) refers to Article 47 of the Interoperability Directive (EU) 2016/797 and consists of the National Vehicle Registers (NVR) in the MSs and the Virtual Vehicle Register (VVR) (a search engine linked to all NVRs). The common technical specifications are set out in a Commission Decision (NVR Decision).

The NVR Decision (Decision 2007/756/EC from November 2007) defines the system architecture, the list of parameters as well as a common data format of the NVR and mandates the Agency to develop the ECVVR system. An amendment of the NVR Decision (Decision 2011/107/EU from February 2011) requires the Member States to connect their NVRs to the VVR.

The ECVVR has been put in service in 2010. The map below provides an overview of the connectivity status in the different MSs and non-EU OTIF contracting States. In case a NVR is not yet connected to the VVR and to obtain a vehicle registration details, please contact the relevant Registration Entity

Furthermore in Appendix 6 (parts 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13) of the Annex to the NVR Decision a list of codes aiming at facilitating the use of the ECVVR system is defined. Upon request by the stakeholders these parts are regularly updated and published.








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