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Change Control Management

The ERTMS Unit is responsible for the organisation and the process of the Change Control Management for the ERTMS specifications and documents listed in the Annex A of the TSI CCS.

For this aim, the  CCM procedure, describing the whole process for the ERTMS Change Control is adopted. This procedure, originally approved by the ERTMS Control Group on the 11th May 2006, has been revised to take account of the return of experience accumulated over more than three years. This updated version has been adopted at the Control Group meeting held on the 3rd June 2010.

Any modification to the ERTMS specification is analysed via a Change Request. A Change Request shall only be submitted by one of the recognised organisations in the list drawn up by the RISC Committee.
To provide the information relevant for the submission, the submitter shall login to the CCM tool: more information via the restricted ERTMS area.
ETCS Baseline 3 Release 2
The Agency has developed in collaboration with the sector the ETCS Baseline 3 Release 2, these activities have been carried out by the "ERA Extended Core Team (EECT)". The final report (CR solutions) included in the set of specifications #3 of the TSI CCS can be downloaded hereafter:
Development of Art. 10 of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/919
The Enacting Act of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/919 requires that the Agency provides an Agency's Opinion by June 2017 addressing all logged errors in Agency CR database. With this purpose the Agency has undertaken the assessment of these errors and has prepared and Opinion in collaborative work with the sector stakeholders. This work is performed in the EECT meetings and the results can be consulted in the Agency's opinion as performed in the EECT meetings and the results can be consulted in the Agency's opinion ERA/OPI/2017-2.
Update of the Subset-076
The European Commission has requested to the Agency an Opinion to update the on-board test specifications (Subset-076) for the set of specifications #2 (B3 MR1) and set of specifications #3 (B3 R2) for the TSI CCS.  The results can be consulted in the Agency's opinion ERA/OPI/2017-5.