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The Reference Document Database (RDD)  

The Reference Document Database is intended to provide access to national rules applied for the authorisation of railway vehicles, their equivalence and the National Legal Frameworks applied in the Member States of the European Union plus Norway and Switzerland.

The content of the database is currently under verification Member State by Member State. The status of information for each Member State is listed on the homepage of the RDD, in the 'Latest NRD Publications' section.

Where discrepancies are discovered between: 

  • the rules published in the RDD, or
  • those applied by the National Safety Authority.
Please inform the Agency (email: rdd@era.europa.eu). This will allow us to verify and correct, if necessary, any discrepancy.
The Agency also intends to introduce into the RDD – as far as not protected by copyright - the original text and content of the national rules in force. For an interim period of time and until all the text of these rules are uploaded into the database, users requiring the text of a rule are kindly invited to consult the respective National Safety Authority.
A RDD User Manual is available to provide support and facilitate the use of the RDD system.












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