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ERA Launches SMS App
The Agency is proud to introduce the “ERA SMS” App, which is now available both for Android and Apple smartphones in respective stores.
The App helps users to navigate through main elements constituting a railway Safety Management System (SMS), including brief descriptions about their meaning according to the new Delegated Regulation establishing common safety methods on SMS requirements. It also contains a management maturity assessment tool which allows a user to evaluate how effective the SMS is by scoring the safety performance and creating a report on the findings.
It is intended to be used by anyone who wishes to gain an overview of a railway SMS or who wishes to measure the performance of an SMS created to meet EU railway legislation.
The App will be of especial interest to national safety authorities, railway undertakings and infrastructure managers, but also to ERA, when implementing the 4th Railway Package and in particular, when issuing single safety certificates.
Scan the QR code below to download the App (or go directly to the relevant store, searching for “ERA SMS”):

ERA SMS_Apple store.png
Apple Store

ERA SMS_Google play store.png
Google Play Store