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Railway cost-benefit data collection
ID: ERA 2017 16 OP, published on 13-03-2017
The Agency, through its Corporate Management and Evaluation Unit perfoms economic evaluation tasks for which various data on costs and benefits is needed. Most of these tasks fall under the following four categories: a) Impact assessments; b) Early impact assessments; c) Ex post evaluations; d) Monitoring and evaluation
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Use of data and analytics techniques in railways to support better management of the risk of accident
ID: ERA 2016 10 OP, published on 15-12-2016
In the frame of the work related to the common occurrence reporting (COR) project presently under development, the COR includes a work package on the definition of a new harmonised scheme for reporting railway safety occurrences: safety management data reporting. Actually, data produced by the railway industry is underexploited for various reasons. The Agency needs to understand if and how it is possible to improve the use of data by means of big data analytics.
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Opérateurs de services médicaux et paramédicaux ainsi que des pharmacies
ID: ERA-2015-01-AMI, published on 09-01-2015
Appel aux fournisseurs des services médicaux et paramédicaux (hôpitaux, cliniques, laboratoires, centres médicaux et personnes physiques exerçant une activité dans le secteur médical et paramédical) et pharmacies afin d'offrir leurs services au RCAM aux prix applicables aux membres du RCAM et aux bénéficiaires.
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