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 General Information

The European Railway Agency has a duty to serve its stakeholders and the general public with wide range of reports, documents and ways to access information. The ERA website contains all documents published by the European Railway Agency, including (but not limited to):
  • AB Summary of Decisions
  • ERA Annual reports
  • Budget
  • Decisions
  • Mandates
  • Opinions
  • Recommendations
  • Vacancies
  • Work Programmes

You may search a document by providing a search term in the "Advance Search" page.The "Search results" page present all documents that have the search term in their properties (i.e. Title, Reference, Keywords, Description, Related documents). Therefore, you can refine your search by clicking on one or several elements present on the right column (Source/document type etc.).

Clicking a document title in the results list takes you to a page describing the document and providing the links to the electronic file(s) of the document. The document properties page presents:
  • the title of the document
  • the reference of the document
  • the publication date of the document
  • the ERA Unit publishing the document
  • the document's type
  • relevant Keywords
  • a short description of the document
  • the status of the document (new or update, if applicable)
  • links to the relevant document(s) electronic file(s) such as the available language versions, annexes, oldest versions of the document etc.

Most of the documents in the Document Register are in PDF format (download Acrobat Reader). There are also documents in Microsoft Office 2010/2007 (Office online file converters and viewers) and in compressed (.zip) format.

The ERA website is constantly updated with all the new documents produced by ERA. In case you can not find the document you are looking for, fill in the Contact Form and select Documentation type of request.
‚ÄčYou can also directly click on search without providing a search term, you will be then able to refine your search from the "Search results" page by clicking on one or several elements present on the right column (Source/document type etc.).