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 Help for web visitors


If your query relates to the general work of the Agency, please use our contact form.
Our rules and procedures for access to information and responses to queries can be read in the following documents respectively:

To find more detailed information on the ERA Community Space, go to "ERA Extranet help" page.

Our web portal has been created using latest mainstream technology and by making an effort to combine ergonomics and functionality with accessibility for a wide audience of users.In case you can not open an Office 2007 document (e.g. a .docx Word file) you will need to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats.For usage of the most interactive parts of the site you need to configure your browser software for allowing Java applets to run on your computer.Following recent Internet browser usage statistics we have tested to ensure that the most widely used browsers can properly utilise our portal.

When searching our site with Internet engines such as MSN, Yahoo or Google it can happen that recent page additions or modifications are not yet included in their results. That is caused by normal delays for crawling and re-indexing global web content.When accessing specific PDF documents on the ERA website, it may happen that these are not loaded completely, and an error message may be displayed in the browser. It is recommended to upgrade the Acrobat Reader software to the latest available version.

The content of the new ERA website is reorganised per topic, so as to meet the needs of the public in a more consise and user friendly way. In case you can not locate a document in the relevant ERA topic use our Document Register.
The Document Register is constantly updated with all the new documents produced by ERA.
In case you can not find the document you are looking for, fill in the Contact Form and select Documentation type of request.

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