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In 2012 the Agency initiated the Human Factors (HF) project and set up a Network of HF experts as a forum for dialogue between the railway stakeholders to forward the overall and long-term goal of the HF project: to promote the human-centred perspective in the systematic integration of HF in the design, development, operation and maintenance of European railways.

The systematic application of HF knowledge and approaches in European railways will contribute to maintaining safety as technological and operational developments unfold:

  • by integrating HF into the Agency’s working methods for the development of recommendations for EU legislation
  • by promoting the integration of HF by the railways stakeholders in railway operations, primarily through the implementation of Safety Management Systems and the management of maintenance systems.



Publication date Title
02-12-2016Human Factors Network seminar 11.11.2016 – programme and presentations
27-04-2016Human Factors play an increasingly important role in modern complex, safety-critical systems. The European Railway Agency has now published leaflets on Human Factors.
21-01-2014Supplement to application guide for the design and implementation of Safety Management System, addressed to railway undertakings and infrastructure managers in order to implement a SMS compliant with Article 9 and Annex III of Directive 2004/49/EC.
18-11-2013Support study for Human Factors Integration - Final reports of the study on Human Functions in European Railways carried out by the Centre for Rail Human Factors, University of Nottingham.
31-05-2013Guidance document to support the design and implementation of railway safety management systems (SMS) by infrastructure managers and railway undertakings in conformity with Directive 2004/49/EC.
15-04-2013Integrating Human Factors into European Railways – Pilot project START-UP This Terms of Reference relates to task 2 of the existing Safety Unit project. The document presents the working Terms of Reference for the Human Factors Network developed by the members of the Network in 2012.
05-02-2013The CSM for Risk Assessment needs further harmonised Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC) than the one, which is already existing in point 2.5.4 of its Annex I. This present RAC refers only to failures of functions of technical systems, which have potential to lead directly to catastrophic consequences. To address also the point of the acceptance of risks related to human interactions within the railway system, the ERA has launched the "Study on the Assessment and the Acceptance of Risks Related to Human Interactions within the European Railways".
29-11-2012This report presents a number of good practices for accident investigation that were identified during structured interviews with investigators from Member States. The following pages explain how these recommendations were derived from the interviews with NIBs. Further links are drawn between the existing good practices and the roadmap for future investigation techniques that was developed in a previous ERA study (see ERA/2009/SAF/NP/02). Many of the NIBs that supported the present project already use techniques that are very similar to, and hence they can be easily integrated, with those identified in this previous ERA roadmap.


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