Safety Management System
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CSM Assessment Body
In order to gain trust in risk assessments and to allow mutual recognition of the results of the application of Regulation (EU) No 402/2013 on the CSM for risk assessment, it is necessary to give confidence that the system under assessment can deliver the required level of safety.  For this purpose, whenever a significant change is made to the railway system, Article 6 of that Regulation requires to appoint an assessment body.
The role of the assessment body is to check the correct application of the risk assessment process setup in Annex I of the CSM and of the suitability of the risk assessment results to fulfil safely the intended objectives of the significant change.
Regulation (EU) No 402/2013 defines the criteria to be fulfilled by the assessment body and the necessary requirements for the accreditation or recognition of its competence in order to achieve a similar quality of independent assessment regardless on whether the assessment body is accredited or recognised.
These pages contain further explanations and guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the assessment body as well as on the ways to acknowledge their compliance with the criteria and requirements defined in Regulation (EU) No 402/2013.




Publication date Title
21-04-2016To help the Member States with the accreditation or recognition of the CSM Assessment Body defined in Reg. 402/2013 and of railway notified bodies (NoBos), the European Railway Agency (ERA) has organised a training workshop.
12-05-2015This is an explanatory note on the main requirements to be fulfilled by the assessment body defined in Article 6 of the CSM for risk assessment. It does not contain any legally binding requirements.