Regulatory Framework
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Safety regulatory framework  
Harmonisation of processes
The Network organised by the Agency coordinates the different levels of performance amongst national safety authorities by facilitating the harmonisation of their decision-making criteria and processes.
The Agency gives practical guidance to national safety authorities on how to conduct the assessment phase of their activities prior to awarding safety certificates or authorisations.
Assessment and supervision
The Agency has defined common safety methods on conformity assessment and on supervision. The first harmonise certification and supervision/regulation processes. The latter provide a framework allowing national safety authorities to obtain the risk profile and potential safety performance of the railway system.
The Agency, together with national safety authorities, organises dissemination workshops to help reaching a common understanding of the safety management system and a harmonisation of procedures in certification and supervision activities.
Migration strategy
The Agency recommends that railway undertakings and infrastructure managers take on their legal responsibilities for managing, controlling and monitoring their risks and that harmonised decision-making criteria and supervision activities need to be in place.





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