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Dangerous goods - Collaboration with UNECE  
The Agency ensures the consistency of rules developed at EU level in the framework of Directives 2004/49/EC, 2008/57/EC and 2008/68/EC with rules developed under the auspices of the UNECE.
For achieving a good level of consistency the Agency:
  • Attends the relevant meetings organised by the UNECE
  • Analyses new proposals for UNECE recommendations
  • Informs targeted meetings on the development of relevant EU Railway legislations
  • Contributes to the development of draft recommendations

Work achieved
Joint Meeting:
Proposal from the European Union on the definition for identification of the dangerous goods being carried in view of telematic applications for inland transport – EN
Working group on Telematics:
Agency’s presentation on the “Technical Specifications for Interoperability on Telematics Applications for Freight”- EN

Working group on BLEVEs:
Agency’s presentation on “Railway accident reporting in EU and historical data” - EN



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