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Dangerous Goods - Technical assistance to the European Commission  

​The Agency assists the European Commission for continuously improving the safety of the transport of dangerous goods by rail in a cost-effective way.


Safety rules applicable to Transport of Dangerous Goods are adapted to the level of hazards represented by the dangerous substances to be carried and combine two safety principles, as follows:

  • The ‘Containment safety’ which ensures that the hazards from the dangerous substances remain confined in the containments (tank, packages…) during their normal operations and that the containments limit to the minimum the impacts of dangerous substances to the environment in case of incidents. In these fields the Agency collaborates with the OTIF and the UNECE.
  • The ‘Transport safety’ which ensures that the number of operation incidents during the transport phases is continuously reduced to the minimum reasonably practicable, and that in case of accidents emergency plans allow to limit to the minimum the potential impacts of accidents on the public and on the railway staff.

The overall level of safety of the transport of dangerous goods results from the combination of the ‘Containment safety’ and the ‘Transport safety’.

Work achieved:

Agency’s final report on the “Prevention and mitigation of freight train derailments at short and medium terms” - EN

D-Rail research project:
Agency’s presentation at the kick-off meeting – EN

Study by Det Norske Veritas Ltd:
Final reports of on the “Assessment of freight train derailment risk reduction measures”;
 Part A – EN ; Part B -
See also: More details of this Project

Agency’s recommendation to the European Commission on derailment detection device – EN
Agency’s impact assessment on the use of derailment detection devices in the EU railways - EN



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