Core Activities
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Core Activities  

The construction of a safe, modern integrated railway network is one of the EU's major priorities. Economic integration and rapid growth in trade have transformed the European Union's transport needs. In order to service this integrated market, railways must become more competetive and offer high-quality, end-to-end services without being restricted by national borders.


 Core Activities at a glance

The Safety unit is working towards the development of a mature and safe European railway which will help to provide an open and competitive market.
The Mission of the Agency in the field of interop­erability is to support on technical matters the implementation of the European Community legisla­tion on Railways.
ERTMS is the European Rail Traffic Management System which  intends to remove the technical barriers against the interoperability regarding the train control command system.

Economic evaluation is an essential feature common to all activities of the Agency. Its objectives are:

  • To avoid any decrease of the competitiveness of railway transportation, in line with the ultimate objectives of European legislation;
  • For that sake, to provide decision-makers with a fair estimate of the effects of Agency recommendations.
In order to facilitate, improve and develop international rail transport services and the progressive creation of the internal market in equipment and services for the construction, renewal, upgrading and operation of the rail system, the principle of mutual recognition of the national rules, the checks against these rules and the associated authorisations to place into service is supported by the Cross-Acceptance Unit works.