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Application Guide  
The Framework Mandate to the European Railway Agency, in Section 2.3.1, states that: ‘With respect to the time schedule of drafting or revising each TSI, the Agency shall regularly submit and publish on its website a general revision of the Implementation Guide published by the Commission in 2004 and intended to help the stakeholders in the application of the TSIs. The chapter related to the applicable standards in the Implementation Guide shall be updated and published at least annually’.
The Agency published the first revision of the guide in April 2011.The structure of the guide is as follows:
General part (explains TSI-related provisions of the Interoperability Directive and general principles applicable to all TSIs)
Specific guides for each TSI (explain some clauses of the TSIs, include lists of standards that may be used for conformity assessment). The specific guide will be published as soon as the corresponding TSIs has been adopted. 
Conformity assessment and ‘EC’ verification (explains the modules of conformity assessment, indicates the tasks of the applicant and the NoBo for different modules and compares the modules).
The European framework (gives an overview of the New Approach principles, how they are applied in the Interoperability Directive, standardisation process, etc.)
Examples of application of TSIs at different stages (practical examples of projects: what TSIs are applicable, who does what and when)
The guide and its annexes are regularly updated and are currently under revision to take into account the merging of the high-speed and conventional TSIs, and extension of their scope into the entire rail system of the EU.




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