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Rationalisation of Vehicle-Related Registers  

​Since 2006 the following vehicle-related registers have been developed:

A study followed by a workshop held in 2013 showed the need for the rationalisation of these registers. Subsequently the Agency project “Rationalisation of Vehicle-related Registers (RVRR)” was initiated and a Working Party was established. The kick-off meeting of the RVRR project was on 25 September 2013.

The objectives of the RVRR project were:

  • clarify roles and responsibilities,
  • improve data quality,
  • improve the support to administrative processes and
  • simply acccess to data.

Output of the project was a Final Report. Based on this final report, an Agency Recommendation on the specification of the National Vehicle Register was issued.

The Final Report and the Agency Recommendation were submitted to the European Commission on 21 December 2016.




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