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Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD)  
​Agency’s collaboration with the Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD) had been established in 2007 to analyse the relationship between the 1435 mm and the 1520/1524 mm railway systems as far as technical and operational aspects are concerned, together with a strategic evaluation on the possibility of future convergence between the two systems (keeping apart the gauge differences).

Today’s collaboration activities are focused on (a) comparative analysis of TSI requirements to those existing in 1520 mm railway area and (b) exchange of experience to coordinate measures for preservation and improvement of technical and operational compatibility on the CIS-EU border.

Perspectives of ERA-OSJD collaboration envisage that relevant provisions of all the TSIs will be compared to existing 1520 mm requirements.

The outcomes of the joint ERA-OSJD work contribute to TSI revision process as set out by the Agency Work Programme and mandates on TSI scope extension given to the Agency by the European Commission.


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