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1520/1524 rail system  
Following the Mandate of 13 February 2007 the Agency performed an analysis of the relationship between the 1435 mm and the 1520/1524 mm railway systems as far as technical and operational aspects are concerned, together with a strategic evaluation on the possibility of future convergence between the two systems (keeping apart the gauge differences). In this context the pertinence as well as technical and economic feasibility of a separate specific TSI valid for the 1520/1524 mm railway system was evaluated.The conclusions of this analysis were reflected in the Agency recommendation to the Commission on 1520/1524 system.he conclusions of this analysis were reflected in the Agency recommendation to the Commission on 1520/1524 system.Following this Recommendation, requirements for  the 1520 mm rail systems are being integrated into the TSIs along with the 1435 mm and other track gauges, with the exception of the TSI on freight wagons, for which an analysis is on-going.One of the most important aspects of the EU 1520 mm rail system is the high level of existing interoperability with third countries. In order to take full account of the specific constraints relating to rail links with third countries the Agency has established technical collaboration with the Organisation for Cooperation between Railways (OSJD) and set up a common working group (Agency-OSJD Contact Group). The Contact Group consists of experts from OSJD members (from both EU Member States and third countries) and the Agency staff.The output of the analysis of the existing specifications for the different subsystems of the 1520 mm rail system, which is being  carried out by this group, consists of  technical reports, one for each subsystem. These documents constitute a key input for the inclusion of the EU 1520 system in the TSIs.The Contact Group has already analysed the following subsystems: infrastructure, energy, locomotives & passenger carriages, freight wagons, operation & traffic management, persons with reduced mobility. Analysis of other subsystems (noise, safety in railway tunnels and telematic applications for passengers/freight) is in progress and scheduled to be finalised within next few years.


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