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Project Plan  
In the coming years all activities are focusing on the delivery of information to the Commission around 2018, containing:
  • Conclusions on functionality, feasible technologies, available spectrum and available standards
  • Identification of migration scenarios and economic impact analysis
  • Identification of changes needed in the CCS TSI
  • Proposal for the next steps
The activities that require external contributions are coordinated by the Agency, based upon a common deliverable plan. Four workstreams can be identified: functionality, technology, spectrum and transition related items. The Agency encourages active participation in these workstreams.
Any contribution or communication related to the Project can be done by sending a message to the dedicated email
Several activities conducted by the Agency are ongoing or are already finished. In the recent past, an ex-post analysis of GSM-R and two studies on network models, including ownership and control for radio networks, have been carried out by the Agency. In Q2 2016, the final reports from ongoing studies on migration scenarios and modelling the capability of GSM-R spectrum to be used by GSM-R and other technologies in parallel will be delivered. By the end of 2016, the draft conclusions of a study on the feasibility of satellite communication for voice and ETCS data will be available.
UIC will deliver the user requirements (URS) in the beginning of 2016 and the requirements on technical architecture in Q2 2016. Functional requirement specifications (FRS), detailing the different voice and data applications, will be ready mid 2017.
ETSI will deliver the necessary document (SRDoc) to address the railway spectrum needs to ECC in the second half of 2016. The period 2016 until 2019 will be needed to draft ETSI technical specifications.
In the period 2018-2021 activities related to a proof of concept may be scheduled when necessary.
When the suitability for railway operation has been demonstrated and the proposed amendments to the CCS TSI are identified, the Commission will be informed and the process of adoption and inclusion in the legislation framework will be started. These processes are intended to take place around 2021-2022


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