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Longer Term Strategy  
This part of our website contain the relevant information related to the ERTMS long term Strategy and the ERTMS Game changer identified.   
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
The Agency has set up, under the umbrella of the ERTMS platform, a project dealing with ATO. 
In order to get an overview of the needs and expectations from the actors concerned, the Agency has launched a questionnaire which was bilateral discussed with the stakeholder interested.
In the interest of openness and dissemination of the relevant information, the Agency conducted a first ATO workshop 8th December 2016 in Lille. Its agenda and the presentations hold can be viewed/downloaded here.
The following document (operational concept of ATO) is made available for comments. It was developed in the frame of the Multi-Annual Programme (MAP) 2011 by the ERTMS Users group (EUG), updated with the comments received so far and will be used, after final review, as input for the S2R (Shift 2 Rail) IP2 ATO development.
The Agency, acting as ATO project coordinator, offers the possibility for all actors interested to comment using the following review sheet. All contributions should be sent to Mr. Hans Bierlein (hans.bierlein@era.europa.eu) by the 10th of January 2017 at the latest.
As ATO is of high interest in the railway domain, sector organisations have published or will publish position papers; their links could be found hereafter: