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Interferences Information  
Coexistence between public mobile network and GSM-R railway communication network
Following the cycle of meetings of the GFUG (GSM-R Follow Up Group), a document presenting different aspects of the coexistence between the railway communication system based on GSM-R and public mobile networks was elaborated as a synthesis of the GFUG activities. The document DV81/RSCOM 15-60 presents an overview of different aspects of this coexistence, from a regulatory point of view (including references to CEPT reports) and including some technical solutions (referencing amongst others the ETSI TS on improved radio receivers). The document proposes a way forward for managing the coexistence, to be seen by Member States as a guidance on best practices (e.g. not part of any legislative procedure).
The document has been endorsed by both Railway Interoperability and Safety Committee (RISC) and Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC) during a joint meeting on 06/07/2015.
GSM-R Follow Up Group  (GFUG)
The European Commission (DG Move in cooperation with DG Connect) recognised in 2013 the need for a forum where stakeholders involved in resolution of interference issues affecting GSM-R could meet. The Commission created the GSM-R Follow Up Group (GFUG), to build a common understanding/vision of the situation, of possible solutions and of their impact, after the First Interferences Workshop in November 2012. The first meeting took place on the 25th of February 2013.  
Please find here all documents related to the work of this group. 
Interferences Workshop
The European Commission (DG MOVE) and ERA organized a workshop on 5/11/12 to discuss, together with DG CONNECT, the interferences issues in the GSM-R system.
At the conclusion of the workshop, the Commission expressed their commitment to create a Task Force (GSM-R Follow Up Group) to focus on this, and a list of actions was drafted.
The second Interferences Workshop took place on the 11th of November 2013.
The third Interferences Workshop took place on the 25th of November 2014.
The agenda covered and the information presented in the workshops can be found in the files below:
Please note that these documents are the presentations provided by some of the participants:  the Agency has not produced them and it is not responsible for their content. The opinions expressed in them are not those of the Agency, and none of these documents are legally binding. 
Informative Leaflets
The Agency has published some informative leaflets on the subject of Interferences Management: