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Final report of the study on DMI safety

In 2009 the Agency contracted to Lloyd’s Register Rail a study for a “Functional Analysis of the ETCS DMI”.

The scope of this study was collecting information and evidence about possible hazards related to the ETCS functions of displaying information to the driver and allowing the driver to enter information, in order to complete the safety analysis of the ETCS system.

The work of the contractor has been followed by a “steering group” of the Agency, with the participation of experts of representative organisations, that continuously monitored the activity, providing guidance and reviewing the interim reports.

The output of the study is summarised in the attached Final report, and will be the basis for the completion of the safety requirements for ETCS, i.e.,

  • integration of the study on DMI in the current set of ETCS specifications,
  • definition of quantitative targets for the identified hazards.