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ERTMS national technical rules  
National technical rules (NTR) are one of the obstacles for the harmonized implementation of ERTMS and we aim to eliminate their need as far as possible. The relevant national technical rules have to be notified to EC and should be published.
Actually national technical rules could be found at several locations at different national levels , in the European Union Agency for Railways (Agency) Reference Document Data Base (RDD) and in Notif-IT. In addition several Member States (MS) have just started to elaborate their national technical rules. This situation makes it extremely difficult for Applicants striving to get authorisation for their vehicle.
This section should be seen, for the transitional/consolidation period, as the central information point concerning ETCS and GSM-R NTR. The document hereafter provide, per MS the information related to: 
·     NTR applicable for which ETCS baseline
·     RDD clause concerned
·     NTR description (or link to it)
·     Status of the NTR
·       Published
·       Notified
·     Status of discussion with the Agency
·       Not yet discussed
·       Under discussion
·       Under discussion, Agency (ERTMS) does not agree
·       Agency agreed
·       NTR to be deleted
·       Agency does not agree
·     MS and Agency contact (in case of questions)
Note: The document will be updated when further information is received or when rules change.
Besides the WORD document, an EXCEL file could be found containing in a condensed form the NTR and its status of discussion.