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Technical Evaluation Sector  
Authorisations of railway vehicles in Member States are based on TSIs and National Technical Rules. Both complement each other e.g. for TENS National Technical Rules apply in specific cases and open points, for off-TENS more and more Member States substitute National Technical Rules by requirements defined by TSIs.

To analyse, compare, evaluate and categorise the National Technical Rules Article 27 of Directive 2008/57/EC allocates the setting up and maintenance of the “Reference Document” to the Agency. The Technical Evaluation Sector took up this task to collect, categorise and publish the “Reference Document” in close co-operation with the respective National Safety Authorities.

In addition the Technical Evaluation Sector publishes the technical rules applied by Member States and supports the European Commission in the evaluation of national technical rules notified through NOTIF-IT.


 Overview of the tasks


Identify, maintain and update the detailed list of parameters used for the authorisation of railway vehicles

Collect and analyses the rules applied by Member States for the authorisation of railway vehicles

Promote mutual recognition on authorisations between National Safety Authorities and support Member States and National Safety Authorities in the evaluation of equivalence and categorisation of national technical rules

Publication of “National Reference Documents” with the indication of technical rules applied for authorisation of Railway Vehicles in the respective Member State

Cooperate with Member State authorities and the Sector in order to reduce the efforts required to get railway vehicles authorised

Support the European Commission in the evaluation of National Technical Rules submitted by Member States for notification. Evaluated rules are published in the NOTIF-IT database.
  • EMC Documents – These documents detail the demonstration of the electromagnetic compatibility per Member State


  • Authorisation template is meant to help and simplify RST basic information collection during APS -process. Applicant can use template from beginning of process until to authorisation and NSA can add it to APS decision as a ”snap shot” what has been authorised.


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