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Authorisation Processes Sector  

The Directives set the main requirements related to vehicles authorisation for placing in service. Their implementation among Member States may differ and this raises the need for a coherent approach. The Authorisation Processes sector supports the Member States authorities and the sector to achieve this coherent approach.


 Overview of our tasks


Identify the commonalties in the authorisation processes as from the Directives.

Analyses the current and future authorisation processes among Member States.

Identify the issues and cost drivers related to the authorisation processes for placing vehicles in service.

Support the geographical interest groups in their Cross-Acceptance works.

Cooperate with Member States authorities and the Sector in order to achieve a coherent and efficient implementation of the Directives regarding the authorisation processes for placing in service of vehicles.

Identify the Agency needs for research (closure of open points in TSIs)

Cooperate with the European Research Platforms such as ERRAC/EURNEX and the Commission DG MOVE & DG Research and Innovation

Collect and disseminate the outputs from European research projects that may be relevant for the Agency’s works  

Final Report on Real Authorisation Cases Final Report on Railway Vehicle Authorisation - part 1(see also Report on the Certification of ERTMS equipment )

Benchmark of the authorisation processes between transport modes

List of ongoing research projects of interest for the Agency



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