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Consultations is a tool for the Agency to communicate with the social partners and actors in the industry to exchange information and discuss draft recommendations and proposals before they are submitted to the Commission.

According to the Agency Regulation (Article 4), whenever the work has "...a direct impact on the social environment or working conditions of workers in the industry, the Agency shall consult the social partners...". Consultations should also be held when Agency proposals has an impact on rail freight and passengers (Article 5).

Consultations are normally open around 1-3 months. Contact information and other details are specific for each consultation. Below are listed open and closed consultations.



Publication date Title Status
22-12-2017On-going Consultations
06-02-2017Closed Consultations
17-11-2016Closed Consultations
10-06-2015Closed Consultations
29-10-2014Closed Consultations
23-03-2014Closed Consultations
09-09-2013Closed Consultations
30-07-2013Closed Consultations
23-07-2013Closed Consultations
25-02-2013Closed Consultations
31-10-2012Closed Consultations
10-07-2012Closed Consultations
28-06-2012Closed Consultations
26-06-2012Closed Consultations
14-06-2012Closed Consultations
26-03-2012Closed Consultations
08-03-2012Closed Consultations
09-01-2012Closed Consultations
14-04-2011Closed Consultations
11-04-2011Closed Consultations
01-04-2011Closed Consultations
18-03-2011Closed Consultations
31-08-2010Closed Consultations
31-08-2010Closed Consultations
05-08-2010Closed Consultations
25-06-2010Closed Consultations
17-06-2010Closed Consultations
25-05-2010Closed Consultations

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