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Seminar - Digitalisation for railway maintenance  
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Seminar of AICQ (the Italian Association on Quality Culture)
on digitalisation for railway maintenance according to Industry 4.0

30th of November 2017, the Interoperability Unit of the European Union Agency for Railways was invited by AICQ (the Italian Association on Quality Culture) in Florence to present to all major Italian stakeholders the impact of digitalisation and interoperability to the Single European Railway Area (SERA) taking into account the new approach of Industry 4.0.

The Seminar was introduced by Mr Gianfranco Saccione – President for AICQ - focusing on the specific needs of the railway sector especially concerning the legislative framework.
The Agency would like to thank AICQ for the excellent hospitality and all participants for their great interest in the topics analysed during the Seminar.


Proceedings of the Seminar can be requested by email at: