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Green light for Control Command and Signalling TSI 
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Today, the Representatives of the Member States in the Railway Interoperability and Safety Committee gave their unanimous opinion in favour of the proposed recast of the TSI* Control Command and Signalling (CCS). This Regulation enacts the revised TSI text, which improves the testing and certification process for ETCS and aligns the obligations to install ERTMS with the European Deployment Plan, the Release 2 of ETCS Baseline 3 and the Baseline 1 of GSM-R.
The ERTMS specifications were delivered on time, as a result of one year and a half of intense work of the Agency with the experts of the sector.
The ETCS Baseline 3 Release 2 introduces valuable new functionality such as GPRS data communication and online Key Management while remaining fully interoperable with the Release 1 currently in force. Trains equipped with Release 2 are compatible also with existing Baseline 2 infrastructure.
GSM-R Baseline 1 introduces in a compatible manner packet switching and better resilience to interference from the growing deployment of 4G and other public cellular radio systems.
All the technical specifications and the supporting documents are available on the Agency website.
This result is a demonstration of the role of the Agency as System Authority, applying decision making in a transparent and fact-based manner. We acknowledge the excellent coordination with DG MOVE, which made possible to propose the regulation to RISC with a high priority path.
The Agency is grateful to the sector experts and their organisations , whose dedication and high-quality contributions were essential to achieve this milestone.
*) Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI)