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Annual Activity Report 2017 
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Find here the consolidated Annual Activity Report 2017.
The Agency’s Management Board adopted the Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2017 in its meeting on 26 June 2018, including the analysis and assessment of this report by the MB. The Annual Activity Report describes and details the achievements and initiatives of ERA’s activities as well as the financial and human resources spent during the year.
Hinne Groot, on behalf of the Management Board:
“The Management Board acknowledges the magnitude and quality of the work done at the Agency. Throughout 2017, great progress was made on the preparatory decisions for the Fourth Railway Package. The MB fully supports the ambitious and pro-active approach of the Agency is taken to transform the Agency for its new tasks from a policy making / preparation body to an operational authority responsible for authorisation and certification at European level.
The information provided in the Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2017 gives the Management Board sufficient assurance that the resources assigned have been used for its purpose in accordance with principles of sound financial management. In addition, the control procedures put in place give the necessary guarantees concerning the legality and regularity of the transaction underlying the accounts.
The Management Board recommends the Agency management to continue its focus on the preparation of the new tasks under the Fourth Railway Package technical pillar to be fully ready by 15 June 2019. The Management Board will continue its close involvement in this with the help of the 4RP Steering Committee. The Management Board recognises important and valuable preparations to prepare the organisation (structure and culture) of the Agency for the Fourth Railway Package and recommends to put high priority on human resource management to acquire the needed project managers and experts as defined in the Agency establishment plan and in the definition of the pool of experts.”

Annual Activity Report 2017