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Workshop on Accident Precursors Data Monitoring and Management 
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From: 20/02/2013
To: 20/02/2013
Location: ERA Lille, France
Participants: NSAs, RUs, IMs, NIBs, ECMs and sector organisations

​Railway accident precursor data are used at different levels of safety management (RUs,IMs/NSA/ERA) to assess the risks and to monitor the safety performance. Unlike railway accidents, the accident precursors occur frequently and their monitoring has a great safety improvement potential.

The Agency has commissioned the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to propose a framework for accident precursor data monitoring in the EU, based on the available theoretical knowledge and on experience of RUs/IMs with the use of accident precursor data.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss the ways of promoting use of (harmonized) precursor indicators across the EU. The following questions and topics will be addressed:

  • Current use of precursors data by NSAs, RUs/IMs/ECMs
  • Experience of aviation in using accident precursor data (EASA)
  • Need for harmonization of practices?
  • Need to revise CSIs in Annex I of the RSD?
  • Use of precursors in future CSM on CSTs?

The target audience of this half-day workshop (planned from 9am to 1pm) is NSAs, RUs, IMs, ECMs and sector organisations.

The participation is free of charge, but the number of places is limited.

For further information, please contact Vojtech EKSLER.



Publication date Title
20-02-2013Presentation of Vojtech Eksler (ERA)
20-02-2013Presentation by Chris Elliott (TRL)
20-02-2013Presentation by Rowan Powel (EASA)
20-02-2013Presentation by Brian Lawton (TRL)
20-02-2013Presentation by Brian Lawton (TRL) and Marcus Dacre (RSSB)
20-02-2013Presentation by Marcus Dacre (RSSB)
20-02-2013Presentation by Ludwig Koschutnig (ÖBB)
20-02-2013Presentation by Simon Tong (TRL)
20-02-2013Presentation by Brian Lawton (TRL)


  • Vojtech Eksler
    Project Officer
    +33 (0) 32 70 96 575
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